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Swim school

The impulse to establish a swimming school and start one-to-one Swimming Lessons came from my passion for swimming and my pleasure in passing on my skills and experience. My life philosophy has always been to pursue the best performance and results in everything I do. Only the one-to-one concept assures quality in education and in training and allows the targeting of small details, as well facilitating the communication of complex ideas. The outcome depends on perfecting movement, as well as personal feeling.

Swimming is not a technically difficult sport; it is a strength and endurance activity that develops such personality traits as persistence, self-discipline and independence. It stretches and releases strained muscles and stiff joints. It shapes the body into ideal waveforms. It improves the function of the cardiovascular and pulmonary system, as well as the system of endocrine and exocrine secretion. Furthermore, swimming acts as an anti-stressor, it rejuvenates and induces a mood of euphoria.

Awaken your passion for swimming!

We are Swim Smooth certified swim school


Swim Smooth - Austrálie 2011

With Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome and Director Adam Young in Perth, Australia 2011

We train instructors and coaches for swimming schools and clubs

We have established cooperation with a swimming club JUKLÍK

Initial training of instructors in Baby Club JUKLIK, Prague, October 2013

Initial training of instructors in Baby Club JUKLIK, Prague, October 2013

dárkové poukázky

Treat your nearest and dearest with a voucher for 10 STANDARD, DELUXE or EXCLUSIVE one-to-one swimming lessons!

For November and December, we offer 10 lessons vouchers at a special Christmas discount of 14%. 
Offer available until 14. 12. 2014

www.swimsmooth.com Payment terminal www.benefity.cz
článek v Marianne

Marianne, July 2012

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