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Plavání - plavecká škola , bazén Strahov

About Coaching

Our School Coaching Philosophy

comprehensive and personal approach that matches the particular needs of the client
an emphasis on health and bodily efficiency
respecting the pace and ability of the client to acquire and improve new skills
taking into account differences in body shape and size, as well as injuries
adherence to the principles of exercise loading
bringing as much variety and flexibility to the lessons as possible, while being methodical and building skills step-by-step and solving technical issues proactively
guidance to the personal discovering of errors, their causes and consequences
expansion of the client’s theoretical knowledge of the aquatic environment
imparting a sense of the aesthetics and the joy of movement in order to motivate the client
mapping step-by-step achievements to empower the client
ensuring holistic development, including the perfection of technique, along with increased strength and endurance and the improvement of bodily coordination and joint flexibility in order to and build up a lasting basis for harmonic and correct swimming

Australian Swim Smooth methodology we use

distinguishes six swim types, Bambino, Arnie/Arnette, Kicktastic, Overglider, Swinger, Mr. Smooth
individualizes swimming training in a specific group of swimming types
respects natural predispositions of swimmers
adapts to swimmers
takes into account gender, previous swimming experience, personality traits and anatomy
does not attempt to match the swimmer with the single, "ideal" model of swimming technique

To Whom are Lessons Intended

both adults and children
beginners and advanced
those in perfect health and those with injuries or disabilities
those who want to build muscle mass and those who want to lose weight
sportsmen and recreational sportsmen who want to improve their technique or learn a new stroke
for everyone who wants to maximize their potential, who wants to become a better swimmer and who wants a personal coach that can offer them the highest level of professional care

Swimming levels

Beginner – none-swimmer
Improver - swimmer who cannot swim Front Crawl, but who, can swim another stroke technique for at least 200 m without rest and signs of exhaustion
Advanced - swimmer who can swim Front Crawl for 400 m and more without any rest and signs of exhaustion


Swimming pool Strahov, Vanickova 2b, Prague 6, but also at a pool of clients’ choice.
Public transportation by bus 176: bust stop “Stadion Strahov“ or by bus 143, 149 and 217: bus stop „Koleje Strahov“
Parking - free of charge, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the pool in the arcade of Strahov Stadium


On Tuesday and Thursday in a separate swimming lane, according to the schedule resulting from the achieved level of swimming and the chosen pricing program

Day Lane 7am 8am 9am 10am 10,30am
Tuesday 1 STANDARD/
Thursday 1 STANDARD/

Number in brackets shows maximum swimmers in lane In other days and hours we offer for all skill levels and both for the children and the adults individual swimming lessons in the Exclusive Program with own choice of pool, day and time.

Swimming Gear

You will need a swimming sport suit, a towel, goggles, fins, paddles and a kickboard.
Although not strictly necessary, I also recommend pool footwear (flip-flops) and a swimming cap.
To purchase swimming aids see our [e-shop].

General Terms – [download]

dárkové poukázky

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For November and December, we offer 10 lessons vouchers at a special Christmas discount of 14%. 
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