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MSc. Gabriela Minarikova, RN

Head Coach

Sport has always been my passion. Through sport I can relax my body and soul, and revive my energy. Water evokes purity and serenity, and awakens joy in me. Apart from swimming, I am also interested in all water sports such as water polo, water skiing, diving, scuba diving, canoeing, yachting and windsurfing.


I am swimming coach and cross country instructress, Medical English teacher and registered nurse in Czech Republic and in Great Britain.


I have completed my Masters studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Universitas Carolina in Prague with swimming coaching and health swimming specialisations.

I hold the two highest possible levels of swim coaching qualifications in Czech Republic - Swim Coach Tier 1 and Health Swimming Instructor Tier 1. I am also a Certified Life-guard.

I initiated my Swim Smooth training at the prestigious Loughborough University in the UK (home of the National British Swimming and Triathlon Teams). As a result, I joined a worldwide team of affiliated triathlon coaches following an innovative philosophy and methodology developed in Australia to teach swimming in both the pool and open water.

My Swim Smooth training was completed at Swim Smooth’s headquarters in Perth, Australia. As the first and only representative of the Czech Republic, I attained the level of Swim Smooth Certified Coach in March 2013 and now operate the only Swim Smooth Centre in the Czech Republic.

I attended a one-year course of English Language at The Cambridge Centre For Further Education in the USA. I am a holder of IELTS - the Certificate Of International English Language, Academic Examination.

Earlier in my career I graduated from Nursing College with General Nursing specialization. I am a Registered Nurse both in the UK and Czech Republic.

Competitive Swimming Achievements:

Bronze medals at Czech Republic National Championship in the 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 800m freestyle. Gold medal in 4 × 100m freestyle relay.

Work Experience Abroad:

I have worked in Saudi Arabia as a swimming instructor and in Great Britain as a nurse.

Personal Mottos:

Be the best you can be! and Everything is possible if you want to!

My aim is to help clients to develop a passionate approach to sport, as well as strengthening their spirit and health. To this end, and derived from my medical teaching and nursing experience, I follow the Greek motto: In healthy body, healthy spirit.


Coach Assistant

Swimming is a very important and interesting part of my life. I started to love swimming at age 7 and it is a big part of my life for more than 17 years. In addition to giving me much enjoyment, swimming has taught me patience, diligence, perseverance. I have been lucky enough to enjoy competing at the top-level of the sport. But my real passion is for teaching both children and adults, and I try to enrich my lessons with fun. The objective of my teaching is not just to master the technique but to create a good feeling in my clients and to being them a step closer to their dream.


I am licensed swimming instructor III. In addition to my own swimming preparation, I am devoted to coaching children and adults since 2011. I have many years competition experience on junior and senior National teams and I’ve represented my country in several European Championships, World Championships and World University Games. At the moment, I am Czech record holder for 100m butterfly and a member of USC (University Sports Centre).


What does not kill you makes you stronger!


Coach Assistant

Swimming is my life, my passion and my life long challenge. I have been swimming for about 14 years and it's been a blast. I have experience of many teaching methods, lots of competitions and have been perfecting the way I can swim to the best of my abilities. I grew up swimming in a small club, before moving to Prague to experience something better, but the best thing that happened to me and to my swimming was that I moved to the USA and swam at the University of Tennessee. I gained knowledge for life.

Besides being a competitive swimmer at the highest possible level, I have also been coaching for some time. I have coached masters at the Greater Knoxville Masters Swim Club - many of them competed at the World and National championships or were amateur triathletes. In addition to this, I have also taught swimming to the little ones, and provided private lessons for those who wanted to improve their stroke technique.


Participant in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Czech national record holder for 100m breaststroke, gold medalist in Czech National Championships, finalist of European Championships in 2011 and 2012, participant of three World University Games, 4-times honored by award All-American & All-Academic, SEC (South-eastern Conference of USA) record holder for medley relay 4x100m, gold medalist in SEC championship, licensed lifeguard by Virginia Beach Lifeguarding Services.


Nothing is impossible; all you need is the vision and determination.


Coach Assistant

I am swimming since I was 4 years old and from the beginning I knew that it would be my sport and my life. I am multiple junior Freestyle champion of the Czech Republic and thanks to training twice a day I’ve had successes and wins, in both the Czech Republic and internationally. My greatest achievements are my participation on Youth Olympic Games and Junior Europe Championships . I am multiple junior Freestyle champion of the Czech Republic. I also participated in World Championship of Water Rescue.

After 16 years of swimming I had to end my competitive career for health reasons. Since then, I am fully devoted to coaching swimming and to Physical Education study.


I am a final year Masters student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at Charles University in Prague, specializing in sports swimming. In addition to sports swimming I’m also studying Health swimming, Swimming for people with disabilities and Swimming for children. Since 2009 I have been successfully coaching both children and adults.


Carpe diem.


Coach Assistant

Sports have been my main focus, hobby and occupation since youth. My sport was always ice hockey, but I also liked swimming as a complementary sport. Swimming has always prepared me perfectly for the ice hockey season both in terms of fitness and recovery. At university, I mastered a variety of swimming techniques under the supervision of experts, and I improved my swimming knowledge and skills to a very good level.


I have completed a Bachelor’s degree at Charles University at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport with a coaching specialization. At the faculty, I passed all the swimming subjects and completed a water rescue course. I have also worked as a teacher in a swimming school and as a lifeguard. I am also an ice hockey coach.


Never give up

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