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Other Analysis Services for Advanced Swimmers

Stroke Frequency Ramp Test: Find your optimum stroke rate and stroke length

Learn more about your individual freestyle stroke efficiency and find the right stroke rate for you. The Ramp Test helps you find the naturally occurring sweet spots in your freestyle stroke technique and gives you the optimal stroke rate to train and to race faster and more easily.


The Stroke Rate Ramp Test involves a series of 50 m swims with short breaks in between. The stroke rate during each 50 m is controlled by a Wetronome beeper and gradually increases.

The Ramp Test starts about 10 strokes per minute below a swimmer´s natural rate and increases by 3 strokes per minute after every 50 m swim. It keeps going until approximately about 15 - 25 strokes above the swimmer´s natural rate to experience the full stroke spectrum.

Time of analysis: 1 h

Price: 2.000,- CZK

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CSS Physiologic Test: Train to Compete

Make the most of your potential to compete in the right discipline. Learn about your physiological predisposition either for sprint, middle distance or long distance performance. Find out about appropriate training intensity to maximize your speed with right lactate threshold work.


The CSS Physiological test is non-invasive alternative method to laboratory blood test and muscle biopsy. It involves two time-trial swims of 400 m and 200 m freestyle at your current best speed. Before these swims thorough warm-up and a small build set to get used to fast swimming takes place. The rest interval between swims is 15 minutes of easy swimming, to completely recover. Results are used to calculate your Index of Fatigue to distinguish your capability for sprint, middle distance or long distance performance. Your CSS (lactate threshold) will be calculated using another formula that helps you calculate the speed/100 m, you should use, to set a pace for your quality swim sets to improve your race speed.

Time of analysis: 1 h

Price: 2.000,- CZK

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All above analyses are developed by Swim Smooth and are conducted by Swim Smooth Certified Coach Gabriela Minarikova.

Nutrition Consultancy: Support your swim performance with proper diet

Learn how to eat properly to reduce your weight, create muscle mass or improve your performance with proper diet during regeneration in the competition period, the volume preparation period and during intensive pre-competition preparation. Learn about super-compensation carbohydrate diets, etc.


Goal-directed interview, personal evaluation and recommendations, outline of personal dietary plan within the scope of your sports discipline, follow-up on-line consultancy.

Time of analysis: 1 h

Price: 800,- CZK

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Diet consultancy is provided in co-operation with contracted expert nutritionist.

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