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Swim Club

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JUNIOR Program

Our Junior Swimming Program is designed for Czech and Non-Czech Citizens children from 6 years and over. The content of the program is teaching and development of swimming skills by currently the most efficient Australian method Swim Smooth, with a choice of leisure and competitive swimming. Trainings are conducted in English.

To participate in the program, children must be able to swim at least 25 m (6-8 years) and 100 m (9 years and older) and have at least a basic knowledge of English. Children do not need to speak fluent English as coaching is also explained in Czech when necessary.

Swim training is provided in groups by age, mastered swimming skills, performance and interest in leisure or competitive swimming. The groups are a maximum of 10 children to 1 coach with each group swimming in its own lane.

Children with an interest in competitive swimming creates Team "A", while competitive preparation consists of five stages Fundamentals, Swim Skills, Train to Train, Train to Compete and Train to Win. Children with an interested only in the leisure swimming creates Team "B", while leisure preparation consist of only two stages Fundamental and Skills Swim.

The classification of children into the five stages is made by age and swimming ability. Age categories are approximate with more skilled children being able to move to a higher stage at an earlier age and less able children remaining at a stage longer to complete their development.

Stages Of Swimming Training:

1. FUNdamental:

For children aged 6 – 8 years
Team A and B train together
Teaching of swimming strokes and learning of swimming terminology.
1 h a week

2. Swim Skills:

For children aged 9 - 11 years
The same training for Team A as for Team B. Team A continues without age restrictions to the next stage
Further swimming skills development and improvement of all swimming strokes
1 - 2 h a week

3. Train to Train:

For adolescents aged 12 – 14 years
Team A only
Development of endurance and speed, initiation of dry land training
3 h a week

4. Train to Compete:

Pro adolescents aged 15 – 16 years
Team A only
Specific training in water and on land with respect to the main swimming stroke or distance
4 h a week

5. Train to Win:

17 yeard and over
Team A only
Specialised training in water and on land by the major discipline
4 – 5 h a week

Applying for membership:
The first round of registration for the calendar year 2014/2015 will take place from 1 May to 30 May 2014.
The number of entries is limited.
The second round will be announced only if the capacity of the Swim Club is not filled.

Membership Application Form:
Download: here. The date of receipt of the application is final for the inclusion of your child in the club.

Instructions for application and payment:
Fill out and sign the application form, then scan it and send to: info@instruktorka-plavani.cz. Within three days you will be informed of whether the Swim Club has a place available for your child. If a place is offered, you will receive an invitation to pay the registration and membership fees.. In the event that we will not be able to register your child in the club because the capacity is already full, you will be asked to indicate whether you would like your child kept on our membership waiting list. When club spaces become available you will be informed first prior to any public announcement. Upon termination or interruption of the membership during the semester the member half term fee and registration fee will not be refunded.
Payment of membership fees for the next semester must be paid within the specified deadlines. The payment schedule is as follows:

Terms Deadlines for payment of
registration fee and membership fee
members New members
Sept - Jan 30th June ad hoc
Feb – June 30th November
(registration fee when starting membership from 2nd term only)

Registration fee:
The registration fee is 1200, - CZK for one school year (beginning September 1st) regardless of the month of registration. Payment is made once a school year.

Membership fees:

Swimming Stages CZK/ training No. trainings/ week No. trainings/ year CZK/ month CZK/ half term CZK/ full term
Fundamental or Swim Skills 700 1x 40 2 800 14 000 28 000
Swim Skills 500 2x 80 4 000 20 000 40 000
Train to Train 400 3x 120 4 800 24 000 48 000
Train to Compete 350 4x 160 5 600 28 000 56 000
Train to Win 300 5x 200 6 000 30 000 60 000

In the case of initiation of membership during half term, fees are charged pro rata.

Participation in the program:
The club year starts in September but children can join the club at any time of year when places are available. The 2014/15 season starts on 1st September 2014.

When we train:
On Monday and Wednesday from 3 pm or 4 pm, depending on which group the child is enrolled.

Where we train:
The pool AXA, Na Poříčí 40, Prague 1, 110 00

Compulsory basic swimming aids:
Swimming aids are paid by parents themselves and children carry them to every workout. Single selection of top quality swimming aids are purchased by the club to obtain the highest possible volume discount.
Universal swimming board "Classic" - only for a group of Fundamental
Small board "pull buoy"
Strengths Paddles

Other recommended swimming aids:
A large swimming board
Freestyle snorkel
Technical paddles

Method of payment:
By credit card here. Clicking on the link you will be transfered to the payment terminal, where you can select from the options of fee type and amount.

By bank transfer to SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, o.s. account at Fio Bank 2900399343 /2010. Include as a payment reference the name and surname of the child plus “RF” (for the payment of the registration fee) or “MF” (for payment of the membership fee).

dárkové poukázky

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www.swimsmooth.com Payment terminal www.benefity.cz
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