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Prague, July 2013

I contacted Gabriela about freestyle beginners’ lessons in Prague as kind of vacation for me. We met for a week every morning at a great outdoor pool and worked on basics like breathing, body rotation, catch and pull. I acquired most of all confidence in the water, learned numerous drills and managed to develop my freestyle up to a point where I can work on it for the next months on my own. I was happy having found an understanding teacher with great skills in explaining me and showing me movements and now being able to visualize critical skills in the water. Anja L., Germany

Prague, July 2012

I began to swimming coaching with Gabriela in autumn 2010. I immediately appreciated her professional approach to teaching technique. In particular, the diagnosis of existing swimming errors was precise. Subsequent training led to a rapid improvement in technique, in particular times and overall performance achieved. It all helped me in triathlon performances and in spring 2012 in 1/2 Ironman I improved my best time by half an hour! This was mainly due to the fact that I walked out of the water in a better time and was completely at ease allowing me to attack the road on my bike.

A key benefit of training with Gabriela is that she keeps swimming squad small allowing for individual attention. She is also a good buddy to motivate you to further work. Regular training in good facilities and secured lanes are other positives, which must be appreciated in packed Prague pools. So if you want to improving swimming times and technique or just like to swim then I fully recommend “Passion for Swimming "in the concept of "Swim Smooth". Jakub L.

Prague, december 2011

I have had with Gabi 10 lessons focusing on freestyle. I learned to swim quite late (not until my 8 years), and the only breaststroke. I always wanted to learn freestyle, but there was no one around me who knew it. In my 22 years I told myself that I must learn it and I found Gabi, and am very happy for that. Gabi´s approach was absolutely perfect, I do not know where Gabi took such infinite patience? The training was very well built. Although I often felt like a complete clod, after 10 lessons I could swim something you could say freestyle. After each lesson I could see improvement, and mainly I always had after each lesson a very good mood. Gabi I can only recommend, especially for her enthusiasm and friendly approach and ability to teach others. Tereza D.

Prague, august 2011

I'm on my third set of 10 lessons with Gabriela and if it was possible I would give her a rating of 11 out of 10! I'd taught myself to swim, but very badly, and my kids laugh at my puffing and splashing, so I was keen to develop some technique. By videoing my movement with an underwater camera Gabriela was able to show me why I was putting in so much effort for so little return. We started from scratch and I've developed an efficient stroke and built up my swimming fitness and endurance. I'm a slow learner (age!) but Gabriela has been very patient and scientific in her approach. Patrick M.

Prague, march 2011

I took swimming lessons twice a week for almost five months with Gabriela. She helped me to break down the components of my front crawl technique and rebuild them from scratch. I found her to be an innovative, insightful and friendly coach with a great deal of patience. As well as making me a much more efficient swimmer, I also learned a lot about the dynamics of swimming. Damian S.

Prague, january 2011

I know Gabriela since we both competed in swimming. Even at that time, she demonstrated responsible approach to training, continual efficiency and feel for all swimming strokes. When after a long sport pause I decided to regain good physical condition, I didn't hesitate to contact Gabriela and choose her as my personal fitness coach. Together, we agreed on 6 month training plan based primarily on fitness swimming and compensatory exercises. I recommend Gabriela to all, who are interested in fitness swimming or health swimming, but also in learning to swim. I highly value her personal approach, range of swimming knowledge and ability to create tailored training plan that addresses individual needs of any client. Mirek B.

Prague, may 2010

Gabriela has been training me for almost a year. Her approach to training has been systematic and her preparation for every lesson is extremely thorough. As a result of attending Gabriela's lessons, my swimming skills have greatly improved. I also appreciate her kind and friendly behavior. Leos N.

Saudi Arabia, august 2005

Gabriela is very lively and energetic. She is a devoted and enthusiastic swimming teacher, who in less than three months brought my six year old daughter from splashing in the water to swimming correctly, with speed and confidence. Irini P.

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Marianne, July 2012

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