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Program REVISE is educational swimming program intended for clients who principally want to improve current swimming stroke or learn a new swimming stroke. Lessons are mainly educational and based on drills. Particular emphasis is placed on the effectiveness of a swimming movement. After mastering one, but preferably all four swimming strokes (Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Front Crawl), everyone can continue with RESHAPE program.

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Program RESHAPE is fitness swimming program intended for clients that want above all to improve their actual bodily condition, improve functioning of cardio-pulmonary system, lose weight and replace fatty tissue with muscle. Lesson are fitness oriented and based on work with intensity, variation in aerobic and anaerobic activities, including the use of swimming aids for strengthening. Condition to initiate program is ability to swim at least 200m by one swimming stroke without apparent exhaustion. For those who do not meet this requirement, it is recommended to take program REVISE first.

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Now NEWLY as well as a MASTERS Program within the Swim Club Swim Smooth Czech Republic, o.s.

From 1 October 2013 we offer the RESHAPE Program as well as MASTERS Program within the newly established the world's first licensed SWIM SMOOTH Swim Club. MASTERS Program is designed for pool swimmers and triathlonists over 18 years, aiming to compete. Condition for participation is the ability to swim 400 meters below 8min and at least a basic mastery of all other swimming strokes - butterfly, back, breast. For more information about MASTERS Program and the Swim Smooth Swim Club click here.


Program "REHAB" is a health swimming program intended for clients with health issues or disabilities, due to either joint and muscular overexertion or weakness. This health swimming program is also recommended for those who want to use swimming as an alternative sport, including active athletes and pregnant woman. Lessons are based on modified drills, which are tailored after level of health difficulties, including sport swimming in support of bodily efficiency. Emphasis is put on correct technique of swimming movement and pain relief.

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